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Share/Savings Accounts
Rates are determined by the Board of Directors at the end of each quarter.  The listed rate is the rate posted last quarter and is not a guarantee of the rate to be posted at the end of the current quarter.
 Dividends are posted March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31APY = Annual percentage yield

Regular Shares .025% Div. Rate .025% APY

Budget .025% Div. Rate .025% APY
Summer Pay .025% Div. Rate .025% APY
Christmas Club .025% Div. Rate .025% APY

 Share Certificate Accounts

6 month 3.0% Div. Rate 3.0% APY
12 month 3.0% Div. Rate 3.0% APY
Share Draft Accounts

Share Drafts 0.00% Div. Rate 0.00% APY
    Dividends not paid on this type of account
Loan Accounts
 The interest rate, corresponding APR, and term will be based on credit worthiness, loan to value, vehicle age, and amount financed.
Loan Origination Fees tier as follow:
Up to $500.00              $60.00
$501.00 – $600.00      $72.00
$601.00 – $700.00      $84.00
$701.00 – $800.00      $96.00
$801.00 – $900.00      $108.00
$901.00 – $1,000.00   $120.00
$1001.00 and up          $125.00
*All loans excluding PAL and Share Secured are subject to a $125 Loan Origination Fee.  Fee can be paid up front or factored into the loan.

*All loans excluding PAL and Share Secured require a $10 Loan Application Fee before the Loan can be worked.

Signature Loans  Rate as low as 9.00%
  ****Maximum unsecured loan $7,000 /48 months maximum term
Payday Alternative Loans

No credit check

No Loan origination fee

$20.00 Loan application fee

$200.00 – $1,000.00 with a Maximum term of 6 months

Rate 24.00%

Please contact us for more information

Share Secured Rate 3.00%
 Fully secured by shares on deposit
 NO Loan origination fees on a share secured loan

New Car Loans 2020 – current (up to 84 mo. term) Rates as low as 5.00%
Used Car Loans 2019 and below (up to 84 mo. term) Rates as low as 6.50%
Used Car Loans, OLDER than 10 years ( term 48 mo.) Rates as low as 6.50%
Reconstructed Vehicle Titles (can only finance 80% of JD Power book value (up to 72 mo term) Rates as low as 6.50%
*Although we cannot match special promotions offered by dealers, we will make an attempt to match advertised rates of other dealers, banks or lenders.
Recreational Vehicle Loans (UTV’s/ Motorcycle/ Campers / Boats)
Maximum term 84 months Rates as low as 6.5%